“Aging Beautifully” Affirmation Cards (A 46-Card Deck) by Margaret Manning

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46 Inspirational Messages to Help You Get the Most From the Best Years of Your Life

These cards were designed just for you! We hope they will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and enable you to find joy and passion in the decades ahead.

Aging beautifully isn’t just about how you look. Instead, it is a process of becoming completely, unapologetically yourself.

It’s about being beautiful inside and out.

It’s about letting go and pursuing what really matters.

We hope that the following short video gives you a sense of the passion and thought that we put into these cards. More importantly, we hope that it inspires you to get out there and live life to the fullest!

Want a Sneak Peek? Here's What's Inside!

We hope that these cards help you to connect with your vibrant, authentic and timeless self.

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Hear What Other Women Have to Say About Our Cards

"I was hesitant to purchase these cards at first. I simply felt it would not work for me. Well, how wrong I was. I pick one every day in the bathroom after I am all done fussing ready to meet the day and its challenge. The cards are gorgeous, artistic, and verses are perfect. What a treasure. I sincerely mean it. They are beautiful to look at and I keep them right next to my candle on the counter."

"They were a perfect gift for a friend who is going through a period of depression and self-doubt."

"They give me a focal point to think and meditate about at the end of my day."

"I absolutely love them! I always seem to pick the right card for what I am feeling! They truly have helped me a lot and they are beautiful to look at! I would recommend them to everyone I know!"

"These beautiful cards are a unifying experience... when I read one I know there are others who share in the experience... a supportive community of like minds as well as strong individuals... like the power of prayer or meditation, positive love and energy is sent inward and out into the world."

"Exceptional for personal use and sharing with others. I often share inspirational cards with women in my network. "Aging Beautifully" is a precious addition to my collection of inspirational decks. The message is always relatable for women at the time. I sometimes gift a single card to a woman. I will be purchasing other decks of "Aging Beautifully," so that I do not have to split my deck.

"A source of regular inspiration readily at hand with gentle reminders about how best to live, appreciate and achieve each day."

"I love picking a random inspirational card. The artwork touches my soul and the message gives me a moment to reflect."

"What initially attracted me to these cards was the amazing artwork. So beautiful! But once I received them I immediately discovered the messages are equally as beautiful -- so inspiring and helpful. Each morning I randomly choose one as my “thought for the day” and sit the card up on my desk. I have fallen in love with these cards, Margaret, and have ordered two more sets as gifts for some of my over 60 friends who are as delighted with them as I am."

"These cards speak to me. These gorgeous cards portray aging as a positive event, one to be embraced as a time of harvest for the many seeds I planted along my journey. I am thankful for the unique moments of inspiration and comfort the cards provide."

"Thought-provoking at times and makes me stop and think about how I can carry through with the message in my personal life."

"I find these cards are very relevant and speak to aspects of life and self-care that are meaningful to me. [These cards] are a reminder to reflect on what is really important. I feel comforted and am encouraged to love and care for myself emotionally, spiritually and physically when I read them."

"They help me to realize that the feelings I'm having about getting older are “normal” and are to be celebrated, not feared. They empower me."

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This is such a wonderful time to be alive. We hope that these cards motivate you to live, love and explore this amazing world of ours!

More importantly, we hope that they empower you to embrace and share your true self.

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