Celebrate Friendship - Designer Scarf (100% Silk, 71 x 21 in) by Margaret Manning

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Treat Yourself to a Gorgeous Designer Silk Scarf and Celebrate Your Friends!

Do you want to wrap yourself in the most luxurious material on Earth, while celebrating the people closest to you? Do you want to stay comfortable and feel amazing, no matter the weather? 

Treat yourself! Order a "Celebrate Friendship" scarf now and celebrate your loved ones - and yourself! 

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Your Life is Woven from Invisible Threads that Tie You to Others

Like a thousand strands of silk, your community, friendships, and family bonds create a beautiful tapestry, a celebration of your life’s story.

Embrace the people in your life who nourish your soul. These are the ones who would stand by your side when you need help or hope. They are the ones who you could share your fears with and the ones who make you laugh.

No matter how much you love them, your closest people cannot always be by your side, but, they are always in your heart.

And, now, with our 100% silk “Celebrate Friendship” scarf, you can celebrate them through color and style!

Create space in your life for new connections and take the time to cultivate friendships. Who are your sisters? Who are your friends? Hold them close and never let them go!

Why Silk? You Deserve the Best!

Silk has it all! Lightweight, breathable and incredibly strong, silk is a genuine super-material. And, amazingly, given its properties, it is a completely natural fiber! 

Once reserved for royalty and the aristocracy, high-quality silk is a luxury that more people than ever can afford. In an age of "fast fashion," it is a material from which genuine heirlooms are spun. 

What Else Makes Silk So Special?

Incredibly light, yet surprisingly durable, silk maintains its form and requires minimal ironing. Its insulating properties keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Nothing captures and reflects light quite like silk - it does make you feel like a million dollars!

    Our luxury silk scarves are meant to be purchased for the long-term. With proper care, your silk scarf will be a cherished item that will stay in your family for generations. And, speaking of legacy, since silk is a natural fiber, your purchase will help to keep the environment clean for your kids and grandkids. 

    Product Details

    Premium Materials

    This colorful scarf is lovingly crafted from 100% Habotai Silk. Also known as "China Silk", this lightweight and breezy scarf will hug you with joy. Long rectangle, the scarf measures 180x55cm (71x21in).

    Wishing for a square-shaped scarf? We also offer a medium-sized, square scarf, which you can find here.

    Gift-Ready Packaging

    The scarf is gently packed into a gift-ready craft cardboard envelope. The envelope features a string and washer closure and a clear window, so the recipient of this beautiful scarf will be wowed right away.

    Caring for Your Luxury Silk Scarf

    Proper care and storage will help keep your investment pieces relevant beyond a season. We recommend professional dry cleaning for silk scarves. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand in cold water, using shampoo. For more care suggestions, please check our FAQ.

    Treat Yourself! Order Your "Celebrate Friendship" Scarf Now

    Close your eyes and think about the people with whom you would most like to sit around a warm fire, telling stories and laughing at this crazy carousel we call life.

    Order your "Celebrate Friendship" scarf now and celebrate the people closest to you!


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